You are doing everything you need to be doing. You are bringing consumers to your website, you engage them with great content and gently lead them to your checkout page and then… they leave! What happened?

According to conversion expert, Bryan Eisenberg, web forms are essentially a transaction. The 3 primary form design problems are:

  • They fail to reduce fear.
  • They fail to build trust and credibility.
  • They fail to reinforce benefits.


When you think about your own online behavior, it makes sense. People are becoming increasingly conscious of who they share their information with and if your checkout fails to explain or justify requesting for some information, it may be a reason for your consumers to walk away from a purchase they were clearly motivated by.

In fact, a 2010 report from England’s Office of Fair Trading found that 1 in 7 people experienced a problem with shopping online while approximately 60% of shoppers were worried about their personal information.

The survey went as far as to highlight that 50% of all consumers were worried about being conned online. That is why building trust is crucial in order to convince consumers to act.

The solution? Here are a few easy changes to make to your checkout section in order to build trust and keep the sales momentum going:

  • Justify why you are requesting each piece of personal information.
  • Build trust by clearly displaying all of your safeguards.
  • Clearly answer all of your consumers’ potential questions. Be clear! What is standard shipping? When will I get my purchase? This can be done through your site design experience, but also by adding a live chat feature to your checkout section.
  • People want a good deal. The simple fact of seeing the Enter a Coupon code field can cause some to doubt their purchase and leave in search of the coupon that others might have. Offer a coupon at checkout for first time buyers, with an option to accept or refuse the offer.
  • Reinforce the benefits of buying from you at checkout. If you offer free shipping, highlight it through the checkout process. If you offer amazing follow up care, show it off!

Consumers are spending more online, but they are also getting more and more careful about who they choose to trust. Being proactive, transparent and focused on your consumers will allow you to build the trust needed to optimize your conversion online.