Pinnacle Stove Sales, an independent pellet stove and accessories retailer in Quesnel BC, decided to participate in the Shoptoit Keyword Ads Program. Previously, they outsourced their keywords campaigns to a local SEO/SEM consultant. We have compared 60 days of listing Keyword Ads with Shoptoit vs. their consultant, and have outlined the results below.


With only a $12.00 per day budget, Shoptoit delivered:

  • 3,498 shopper impressions per day
  • 22 qualified buyers who visited the website daily
  • A 2.56% on-site conversion to sale ratio
  • An average of $8.45 return on ad spend with immediate online orders

Compared to the previous campaign, Shoptoit:

  • Increased the overall store reach by 3.1 times
  • Reduced the cost per click by 51%
  • Increased the return on ad spend by 43%
  • Increased the average daily sales by 95.3%


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