With Holiday shopping now in full swing, eCommerce merchants are fighting to capture consumers’ attention. Promotions, discounts and loyalty programs all serve to entice shoppers to your platform, but recent research shows that growth may be as simple as streamlining your returns policies.

eCommerce retailers are at a slight disadvantage in comparison to their brick-and-mortar counterparts for the simple reason that shoppers still like to touch and feel a product before committing to a sale.

One solution to counter this insecurity is to offer free returns, while making the process as simple and stress free as possible. According to a recent Infographic by Shorr Packaging:

  • eCommerce return rates are projected to be greater than 30%.
  • 95% of customers will do repeat business with an eCommerce store if the return process is easy.
  • When companies introduce free returns, they typically see a 58-357% increase in sales.

Best Practices For Returns

In order to maximize this competitive advantage, you need to give your consumers what they want. Here’s what’s most important to online shoppers when it comes to returns:

  • A return label included in their package, or easy-to-print labels.
  • Return-friendly packaging that is easily re-sealable.
  • Automated refunds.
  • Free return shipping.
  • Simple, clear procedures.
  • The ability to return merchandise to a physical location.

The solution is fairly simple and can make a massive difference to your Holiday Season bottom line. Implement it today and see the difference in customer trust and repeat business!

See the complete infographic here: http://www.shorr.com/packaging-news/2015-10/e-commerce-returns-best-practices