You know your website inside and out and to you it’s the simplest tool in the world. Do your visitors feel the same? Can someone figure out what you’re all about in 5 seconds or are they getting lost in your experience before finalizing a purchase?

Here are 5 simple things that you can do right now to drastically improve your conversion rates:

1 – Simplify your navigation
Group items under main categories, using terms that people would expect in your industry. Creativity is not your friend here!

2 – Purchasing should be easy
That means making your ‘Add to Cart’, ‘View Cart’ & ‘Check Out’ buttons visible with bigger fonts and bright colours. People expect to see the Cart and Check Out buttons in the top right corner of the page, so give it to them there and on all pages.

3 – Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
Ask yourself what you would like to know before buying your product and make that information available. Here are some suggestions to improve your product page:

  • Rather than just putting color boxes, include images of the product in all colors.
  • Include images in all angles.
  • Include a video of your product in action.
  • Include product reviews or testimonials.
  • Make sure that sizes are clearly defined and well explained.
  • Promoting your product with a short description is fine, but make sure to link to a more detailed description where necessary.

4. Offer in-store pickup
If you have an actual store location, offer in-store pick up. There is no additional cost to you, customers save time and they don’t have to wait 2 weeks for shipping. Win-win!

5. Don’t redirect and stay consistent
Don’t assume your have secured a sale once the product is in the cart. In fact, about 67% of customers will change their mind during the checkout process.

One way to prevent people leaving is to make sure that your check out page is consistent with the rest of your experience. Keep the design, branding and URL the same. You don’t want any doubt or distractions to enter your customer’s experience at this point.

Need more tips? Check out the full article on Crazy Egg’s blog: