After using PLA campaigns for two years, LiBoutique, an online retailer of brand-name beauty products for the mature woman, upgraded to Google’s new Shopping Campaigns. The main goal was to expand their market, but the experiment garnered an amazing 37% increase in conversion, nearly tripling their previous return on investment (ROI) with Google.

Shopping campaigns are easy to set up in Google AdWords. They still utilize the wildly successful display format of the PLA, but give marketers the ability to get much more granular in their efforts. It is simple to browse and group products, right down to the SKU level, and shopping campaigns provide insights into performance with benchmark data, impression share and a bid simulator to help optimize PLAs. LiBoutique found these insights particularly useful for testing promotions and new product lines – all they had to do was add the brand and product type, and then review Google’s data to make an informed decision on how to proceed with their campaign.

LiBoutique’s pay-per-click partner, JumpFly, first tested the Shopping campaign at the same time as a standard PLA campaign. Within a week, they paused the standard PLA campaign to pursue Shopping campaigns. The cost-per-acquisition (CPA) was lower, conversion jumped 37%, cost-per-click (CPC) remained steady, and return on investment (ROI) almost tripled.

“We wanted to gain more exposure and traffic, and PLAs offered the dynamics of being both very targeted and rich in content,” said Sarah Karity, LiBoutique chief marketing officer (CMO). “It was really a no-brainer. We started using it and haven’t looked back.”

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