With 46% of all Google searches being locally-motivated, ensuring your business is displayed in Google Maps and local searches is crucial when trying to reach new local customers.

Google My Business content is now one of the largest ranking factors Google refers to when deciding what business to show in organic local search results.

To ensure you are being shown alongside your competitors in local map searches on Google, the first thing you must do is ensure that you have a verified, accurate, and consistently updated business listing on Google.

You must continue to tell Google you are real by adding content to your Google my Business listing. This content comes in the form of what Google calls a Post.

Google Posts are short 100 – 300 word posts intended to highlight sales, promotions, or events for your business.

Posting on Google My Business is one of the top things you can do to tell Google your business is real and trustworthy. The down-side is, each post you publish to Google My Business expires after 7 days – meaning you must remember to login every week to re-post, or add new content.

That’s where our Auto Posting feature comes in.

Our auto-posting feature lets you post directly to your GMB listing – and lets you schedule to re-post every 7 days. Meaning you simply need to add your post once, and it will be re-posted to Google every week automatically.

Our Auto Posting feature ensures you’re always telling Google they can trust you.

It’s simple for you to win in free Google local search – and our new auto-posting feature means you can gradually increase your Google ranking, with just a couple of minutes of your time.

Learn how our Google My Business Auto-posting feature works here >>

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About Google My Business

Google My Business (or GMB, or Google Business) is a listing that Google uses to recognize a business – and determines who they can trust, and ultimately choose to display in local searches. When someone searches for the products or services you provide, in your local market, you want YOUR business to appear in the results provided by Google. If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, you literally cannot compete in local search.

Google My Business is one of the very first places you should start when working on local SEO for your business.

If you do not yet have a Google My Business listing setup, you may do so here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_ca/business/

How Shoptoit Makes Managing your Google My Business Listing a Breeze

As part of our free Google Direct Connect integration, businesses can connect their Google My Business Listing to Shoptoit.

Once connected, we ensure your Google My Business listing is setup to Google standards, increasing your rank, and we constantly ‘ping’ Google to ensure they know you are real, and trust you. You can also view activity reports for your Google Business listing in your Shoptoit dashboard once connected.

Why Connect Shoptoit to Google My Business?

Connecting your Shoptoit account to your Google Business account will allow you to:

  • Keep your GMB listing active
  • Ensure complete accuracy of your business information
  • Regularly ‘ping’ Google My Business – letting Google know your listing is real and relevant
  • Post to Google My Business through your Shoptoit account
  • View activity of your GMB listing in your Shoptoit dashboard
Utilize our Google Direct Connect Integration
Don’t yet have Google My Business listing?
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Our team is always here to help – if you’d like to learn more about how our platform handles all aspects of local and product search for small businesses, feel free to book a call with a shoptoit rep to learn how we can help your business succeed.