Today, when a buyer is ready to make a purchase, they go to a search engine to find a store selling what they’re looking for. In fact, 73% of product-related searches start on Google or Amazon.

There are now an estimated 1.3 million active eCommerce stores in North America, and they are all competing for that next new customer.

In 2018 Amazon actually surpassed Google as the number one destination for product search, with 38% of consumers turning to Amazon to search for a product – compared to 35% starting with Google. All the other platforms and sites out there, such as Bing, facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, and more – are fighting it out for the remaining 27%.

This makes it clear that if you are looking for new customers at the time they’re ready to buy, Amazon and Google are the places to be. And the way to ensure your business is being shown, is to advertise your products on these platforms.

The problem for smaller businesses is that search advertising delivers such high returns, that it has attracted all of the big advertisers, and they are dominating the product search market.

This makes it very difficult for a smaller business to get noticed, as they cannot compete with the budgets and resources of these bigger guys. It is time consuming, complicated and expensive to run effective long-tail product advertising campaigns like the big guys do. You need a dedicated internal resource, or external consultant on hire – which can often cost more than the ads themselves do!

The reason these big guys spend their time and energy on product advertising – is it works. Long-tail product search advertising hands-down delivers the best return on investment for getting new customers to an eCommerce store.

But what if you have a much smaller budget to work with? And don’t have the internal resources to manage an effective Long-tail product search advertising campaign yourself? Is there hope?

With the growing list of platforms built for eCommerce businesses emerging, small business owners can now have a chance to compete. Automated and cloud-based platforms are levelling the playing field for small businesses, by making high impact Long-tail product search services available to those with low budgets or little technical skill.

In our ongoing effort to help small businesses compete with the big guys, we have revamped our Product Based Ads Platform for eComerce businesses, and we’ve also added Amazon Ads to our Automated Ads integration list.

This means small eCommerce retailers can easily create long-tail product based ads, in both Google and Amazon, with a couple clicks. No technical skill is required, and our low starting point of $50/month means even the smallest of businesses can now compete with the big guys in product search, and have a chance at getting new customers to their site.

We leverage Ai and machine learning to create, manage, and continuously adjust and report, on product-based search ad campaigns on both Google and Amazon. Shoptoit automates the entire search advertising process, replacing expensive labour with machines. There is no need for an agency, consultant or dedicated internal staff with Shoptoit. We digitize your product data, categorize it properly for search engines, and create an API of your product data that connects directly to Google and Amazon Ads.

Available Google Ads for eCommerce stores:

  • Search Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Available Amazon Ads for eCommerce stores:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Display Ads