Why This Friendly AI Bot is Making the Marketing ‘Gurus’ Nervous


Small businesses of the world, rejoice. The robots are here, and they’re not interested in taking over the planet. Instead, today’s AI (or, “machine learning”) technologies are being designed with business needs in mind— talking to, working with, and selling to customers without relying on expensive flesh-and-blood contractors or employees. No matter what business you’re in, the robots are here and they’re coming to help you.

Across the board, AI looks like a great thing. Today, thousands of small businesses use automated tools like Mailchimp or AWeber to communicate with their customers, scheduling robots like Calendly or Hootsuite, and manage customer relations with AI from Salesforce or Zoho. Tools like these make it easy to nurture a relationship with existing customers.

But what about finding new customers?

Reaching New Customers Where They Already Are

So far, AI has been great at helping small businesses with the customer management process. However, until now, there hasn’t be an easy AI solution for finding new customers. By creating tools for this part of the business process, small businesses can compete with larger firms through the magic of AI. But where to start?

It all begins with Google. Specifically, Google mobile search.

Do you know where your future customers are today? Simply put, they are on their smartphone. The data shows that, year-over-year, customers look for products and services on their phone, more than on their desktop. And when asked, consumers overwhelmingly claim that they’d prefer to support local businesses if only they could find them.

This is huge. When we search from our phone we are not looking for Amazon or Walmart; we already know where they are and what they carry. Instead, we are looking for a physical business nearby that can meet a very specific need. And for small businesses, this represents an unbelievable opportunity— you can now reach a consumer, while they are actively looking for what you provide, when they are near your business.

However, in order to tap into this powerful new search habit, small businesses will need to actively create, manage, and optimize their search engine marketing strategies. Not only is this time consuming, but in order to get the expertise required to do the job right, it’s expensive too.

Or at least… it used to be.

How AI Finds New Customers for Small Businesses

If your business cannot be easily found on Google mobile search for the specific products and services you provide, you are quite simply missing out on the single biggest opportunity there is for reaching new customers. Unfortunately, local mobile search marketing is complicated, time consuming, and changes constantly. Keeping up requires a bottomless supply of patience, skill, and—at the end of the day—cold hard cash.

But with recent advances in AI, this entire process can be automated. No expensive consultants. No confusing dashboards. No hands-on, time-consuming micromanagement.

For example, take Shoptoit. Working directly with Google, Shoptoit recently unveiled their latest addition to the AI landscape. Their search marketing robot (affectionately named, Gary) is built to help small business find new customers using automated marketing. And, because most of the actual, “work” is data management, keyword optimization, and Adwords administration… Gary can easily deliver results to any business for less than $200 per month— and that includes a locally-targeted ad campaign on Google, fully mobile-ready LeadSite, and unlimited keyword management.

If you’re a search marketing consultant, that may have you sweating bullets.

Never, in the history of the internet, has there been a way to build and manage marketing campaigns for $200 or less. What’s more, because there’s no back-and-forth between yourself and all the traditional marketing consultants, specialists, gurus, and other expensive human help— Gary takes literally just 15 minutes before your business is set up with a comprehensive local search strategy and immediately begins delivering guaranteed, visitors to your business.

This is unprecedented. For the very first time, small business can truly compete with established behemoths head to head, for less than the typical “initial consult fee” you would pay to a search marketing consultant. So if you’re a David looking to take on the Goliaths of the world, click here to see how Shoptoit can help you drive new customers into your business (guaranteed).