About Shoptoit

Shoptoit connects small business with new customers. Through an automated platform, small business rely on Shoptoit for easy, turnkey search engine marketing— get found on Google with no extra work.




The Shoptoit Marketing Platform is specifically designed to help small business beat their larger competitors by providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use automated platform to create and manage all aspects of mobile search for their business. In fact, since 2005, Shoptoit has delivered more than 55,000,000 (that’s 55 million) qualified buyers to over 2,500 small businesses!

The platform is also incredibly low cost— often saving our clients thousands when compared to agencies offering similar services. And, because the platform requires near-zero maintenance, our small business clients are able to manage multiple campaigns, unlimited Adwords keywords, and run search strategies for every single product and service they sell.

Joining Shoptoit

We’ve worked with small businesses in a wide variety of industries. And, over the years, we’ve learned that everyone has different needs. To help you make the most of your Shoptoit account, we’ve created several programs to help you get started. Join Shoptoit now, by choosing from one of the options below.

Drive Bricks & Mortar Sales – Local Business Listings

The Shoptoit Local Store Program helps small businesses get found by nearby shoppers while they are actively searching from their desktop, tablet or smartphone. Upon joining Shoptoit, you’ll be upgraded to a location-based, Google-approved mobile website to help you get found via SEO (search engine optimization). From there, you’re just one step away from leveraging our automated Shoptoit Google AdWords program— the platform will take each product or service listed and create, manage, bid and report on high impact, locally targeted, long-tail keyword campaigns to ensure they receive qualified leads from nearby buyers. Getting found online just got a whole lot easier.

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Drive Online Sales – Long-tail Keyword Ad Campaigns for eCommerce

Shoptoit makes it easy for eCommerce retailers to increase brand exposure and grow online sales via our extensive shopping network. Designed specifically to drive online sales, Product Ads are contextually relevant listings that are presented to engaged shoppers while they are actively shopping on search engines, directories, shopping sites, and mobile apps. Shoptoit Product Ads integrates directly into Google AdWords to automatically create, manage and report on all aspects of your long-tail keyword advertising campaigns.

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Affiliate (CPA) Listings

Retailers using affiliate programs (such as Commission Junction, Linkshare) may become eCommerce listers, with limited exposure throughout our network. See our Listing Options chart for explanation of inclusion.
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Partnering with Shoptoit

Since 2005 Shoptoit has been at the centre of online shopping in Canada. With more than 28 million individual products in more than 1,500 categories and over 90,000 retail store locations in our database, we have been in trusted partnerships with many of Canada’s largest media companies

Shoptoit Referral Program

Help us grow our business and we’ll help you grow yours. The Shoptoit Referral Program is completely managed by third party software and ensures that when you tell a colleague about us, and they decide to give us a try (even for a free program), you will receive valuable AdMatch Coupons to help you grow your business via keyword advertising on Google.

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Shoptoit Agent Program

For companies and individuals who work with retailers in an ongoing advisory capacity, the Shoptoit Agent Program is a win-win-win. As an Agent you will gain new clients, help your existing clients, expand your fee-based services and receive a residual income while helping your retail clients leverage the Internet to get more exposure and sales.

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