I promised myself a jump start on this year’s Holiday shopping. I made a one-man pact in June that my extra-amazing, super-effective Holiday marketing plan would be in place by July 31st this year … and what do you know? Three and a half months – 15 weeks – 109 days later, and I find myself in an all too familiar position – scrambling for a plan to target Holiday shoppers. Lord – I thank you for the internet. A quick search for what one does in my predicament, and I am presented with a great article from PracticalEcommerce – Procrastinator’s Guide to 2014 Holiday Ecommerce Sales.

The article presents me (and my fellow procrastinators) with 7 simple tips to breathe life into the most unprepared of Holiday marketing plans. From social media marketing to traditional media buys in the local newspaper, the article offers practical and innovative suggestions for targeting Holiday shoppers.

First on the list however is Google Pay-Per-Click advertising. This comes as no surprise and, considering that we are an ecommerce store targeting online shoppers, it makes complete sense. Ecommerce retailers have enjoyed notable success with Google PLA’s since their Canadian launch earlier this year.

PLAs immediately present the shopper with an image, price, product name and seller, for products matching their keyword search – right there on the first search results page. It’s a win for everyone: Google improves the experience for shoppers while creating the highest return advertising unit ever available to on online retailers. Branding and impressions are free and retailers only pay for a click-thru once a qualified shopper clicks on your product ad, and visits your site.

Simply put, placing my products on a Google search page in the form of PLAs means that:
1) shoppers no longer have to wade through a mass of organically ranked links to find my product
2) all impressions are free of charge
3) clicks are qualified
4) my ROAS (return on ad spend) has greater potential than ever before.

Has the 2014 Holiday Shopping season snuck up on you? Make it easy on yourself – Shop To It has direct integration that allows merchants to push their products to Google Product Listing Ads. Shop To It categorizes and targets your products automatically, and sends a customized data feed to Google Shopping. Click here for full details on performance, budgeting, and reporting.