You are officially a Shoptoit Affiliate. Now what? Where do you start helping small businesses get the exposure they need to get found through local searches? We have compiled a few ideas to get you started.

1. Get Familiar with the Shoptoit Platform for Small Businesses and what it is all about.

Did you know that 76% of Local Searches Result in a Visit to the Business? Today’s marketplace has changed. On one hand, the consumer is looking at supporting the shop local movement by purchasing from local businesses.

On the other hand, 96% of consumers look for the things they need using a mobile phone. Unfortunately, an overwhelmingly large percentage of small businesses do not have an appropriate mobile search strategy or even a location-based mobile website at all. They simply cannot be found and are missing out.

It is easy to see the issue between these two goals. The consumer just doesn’t intersect with the businesses he or she is looking for.

That is where Shoptoit comes in. We bridge the gap between the local shopping movement and online searches by making sure the mobile consumer can find local businesses without the thousands of dollars normally attributed to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

The way it works is simple. A local business owner signs up for a Shoptoit account. They then select the $100 package or the $200 package and we create a mobile site, SEO campaign and Google Adwords campaign based on the products or services they provide.

The results speak for themselves.
A recent Google study states that 76% of successful local searches result in a visit to the business with 28% resulting in a sale. With a nominal investment of $100, a small business will receive 55 site visits. This $100 investment, according to Google should deliver around 40 visits or calls to the business and result in 15 sales. These are unbeatable results, which is why the big brands are flocking to mobile search advertising.

The reason this tool is so affordable is because we have partnered with Google to create an automated platform that does all of the work for you. You could get going in as little as 10 minutes and be receiving traffic to your business in less than one week.

2. Check out the Small Business Blog
We constantly share news and tips through our blog and you are more than welcome to use our content as a starting point for creating your own message.

3. Connect with us and other Affiliates on Social Media
The Shoptoit Partner program Facebook page ( is a great way to connect with us and stay current on news and new content that we share. There you could also connect with other Affiliates to get ideas on the best ways to make the program work for you.

Another resource for you is the Shoptoit for Small Businesses Facebook page ( There you can find some great inspiration on how to communicate with local businesses and the issues that matter to them. After all, being successful as a partner does not mean only pushing the Shoptoit Platform. You have to become a trusted resource for local business owners so that when you do offer a solution, it has value.

4. Check out the resources in your account.
We have pre-loaded your Affiliate Account Resource center with some ads and links that you can use to start promoting the program on your blog or website. As we gain momentum and get feedback from our partners, we will keep updating and adding content to it so keep an eye out.

For any technical issues or tips on adding ads to your site, please email

5. Get in touch
Please don’t be shy! We want you to succeed and are here to help in any way that we can.

Whether you are looking for specific advertising formats, images to promote the program, content to share on social, or any other resources that you feel would get your readers interested, we would be happy to help.

We also love feedback on how we can do things better so never hesitate to let us know if you see an area worth improving.

Email us at and we will get back to you.