2013 was a year full of changes in the Canadian retail landscape. Two major trends came into play and will continue to evolve into 2014 – Mobile Shopping and Local Search.

We are seeing mobile shopping (from smartphones and tablets) becoming more and more popular. Most homes now have at least one smartphone or tablet in them. This trend is expected to continue into the new year. It is a good time for your business to look over your mobile strategy and make sure that you actually have a mobile strategy in place so you are not missing out on sales.

Local search is the other huge trend right now. It works in conjunction with mobile shopping. Many people are now using their tablets exclusively to access the internet from home and around town, so it is more important than it has ever been for your business and product offerings to be visible on those devices.

Shoptoit is committed to helping businesses get found on mobile devices and in local search through their product offerings as well as their store information. Click here to see the advantages of listing your business with us and let’s make 2014 a record-breaking year for all of us!