ShopToIt is proud to announce the expansion of our traditional product-focused platform to equip retailers with the ability to tap into the explosive mobile and local search trends with their promotions, flyers, and editorial content.

Today’s busy Canadian shoppers want to know where and when their favorite stores, brands and products are being promoted, and they want one convenient service that aggregates this information. Now, whether a retailer is trying to increase online and/or in-store sales, the ShopToIt shopping network and ShopToIt mobile experiences have been enhanced to broadcast promotional offers to an engaged audience of Canadian shoppers.

Product Launch: Context Marketing Tools

Highest ROI: Targeted Contextual Marketing

ShopToIt’s Context Marketing Tools puts retailers in the unique position to advertise contextually-relevant and geo-targeted (if there are store locations) offers to deal-hungry Canadians.

Promotions, flyers and editorial content listings take minutes to set up and publish across our shopping network including,,, ShopToIt mobile, and more. The self-serve administration of these content listings are managed within the retailer’s Merchant Services account, and like the product listing model, are charged by performance-based click when a lead is delivered to the retailer’s site (or a dedicated page on ShopToIt for those retailers without websites of their own).

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